Afalia Group is a U.S. managed company with technology operations in Jacksonville, Florida, Iasa Romania, Istanbul and Bodrum Turkey; providing high quality code development and project management solutions using co-located and dedicated development strategies.  We pride ourselves on finding the right solution and developing innovation at the highest level of code, quality and design. 

Designed for Code Savings

Helping companies create exceptional solutions using our unique dedicated development model. Don’t overpay for hourly out-sourced technology solutions.

Our co-located dedicated monthly employee platform and systems provides savings vs. other historic hourly out-sourced models.

Mobile API

Developing reliable, customized, and flexible API integration solutions for existing or new software projects.  

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Custom Code Development 

Enhance workflows and increase revenues with our optimized business operations and custom developed infrastructure protocols. 

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Project Development 

Developing software deployment plans that provide comprehensive solutions that provide easy-to-use end-user engagement. 

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Integrated Systems 

Our engineers adopt new technology processes and code solutions to streamline testing and execution of you enhance architecture design.

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UX/UI Design 

Transform end-user experience using the latest design trends and UI/UX technology designs and engage customers better.

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Co-located Dedicated Model 

Choosing the right architecture and design plan is key to the success of any technology project. Using an old outdated model (hourly engineers) is a time and money waste.  Our new flat fee, monthly co-located employee model is more affordable and provides more insight and control over the engineers working and developing propriety code solutions. 

Systems Oversight and Quality Assurance

Providing quality assurance and program oversight tools allowing for remote access to system reports, project data sheets, and management code review and approval.

Our Clients

Afalia Group provides technology and development solutions using full-time dedicated co-located employees that only work for you, not for multiple companies or projects at one time.  We provide a flat fee monthly solution providing great savings over the historical hourly rate out-sourcing model.

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